Accelerating Company Growth is a Business Leadership Development company with a difference, based in Ireland, serving global clients. We only work with leaders that can influence and deliver company performance. Our interventions help Business Leaders to achieve significantly higher levels of success for their business and on a personal level, through a combination of practical advice (Mentoring & Consulting), skills development (Training) and personal development (Executive Coaching).

We are different, because we are a team of entrepreneurs who have “been there and done that” in our own businesses, from start-up to accelerating growth internationally, to exit. Now we have set out on our new journey of Leadership Development through Executive Coaching and Leadership Programmes that are unique to drive compelling learning environments through experience based interventions. We are passionate about what we do and we get a huge kick out of witnessing our clients accelerate their growth through our interventions.

When it comes to ROI we are so confident about our ability to achieve accelerated growth that we often link our fees to the success of the company, no other Leadership Development firm would have the confidence to do this. What we do works and we have the results to prove it, companies have increased turnover by many multiples, exited at significantly higher values, transformed through change or innovation and the senior executives perform at a whole new level, transforming their personal lives in the process. Everyone wins; leaders, company, employees and stakeholders.