MyGoodPointsMyGoodPoints is a new online charity that is harnessing the power of technology, people and corporate CSR, combined with business principles, to revolutionize the charity sector. MyGoodPoints will change how people engage with charities, by providing a single online charity account, through which a donor can collect funds using loyalty points, payroll deductions, tax back and online payments, then donate these funds to any charity of their choice and receive multimedia feedback from the charity workers to see where the funds have been applied.

MyGoodPoint’s objective is to reverse the downward trend in giving by creating the next generation of donors by:

  • Changing people’s behavior: The number of donors and the volume of donations is falling; we want to create a culture of giving, focused on youth, by making it free to give (loyalty points), giving fantastic feedback and accountability and by making it cool and fun to be a donor on MyGoodPoints;
  • Aligning objectives: By aligning the objectives of donors, large corporates, charities and recipients, we can harness the power of people around a common purpose. Donors will benefit from giving and responsible corporates want customer loyalty, charities want more funding and recipients need help;
  • Driving efficiencies in charities: Charities on MyGoodPoints will need to compete with each other to attract the donor’s funds; this will drive more accountability and better feedback to donors and ultimately drive efficiencies through donor scrutiny.

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