Accelerating Company Growth Programme

A Results Driven Business Growth Programme for CEOs, Owner Managers & Senior Management

This programme is designed for:

CEOs, Owner Managers and Senior Management, of small to medium sized businesses, that want to significantly accelerate the growth of their business. This programme is delivered by serial entrepreneurs, professional business advisers and guest speakers who have extensive hands on experience of Accelerating Company Growth. The programme is practical and compelling, to drive real and significant changes for you and your business. As well as learning from the programme, you will learn a significant amount from the other attendees, by sharing and exploring each other’s experience of what works and what doesn’t work. This network of like-minded people, will become a significant support to you as you continue on your journey of Accelerating your Company Growth.

The programme objectives are to empower the business leaders to:

  • Drive Accelerated Growth (Revenue & Profitability)
  • Create a Clear Vision and Goals
  • Drive Alignment across the Company
  • Empower, Motivate and Drive People
  • Develop Leadership, Culture and Performance
  • Identify Key Inhibitors and Accelerators for Growth
  • Enhance the Skills of the Senior Management Team
  • Develop an Accelerated Growth Plan for the Business
  • Assist in Executing Elements of the Growth Plan


This programme consists of 8 one-day workshops and 6 one-to-one, face-to-face Executive Coaching sessions delivered over a twelve month period, and incorporates a suite of powerful tools and coaching resources, delivered by accomplished business growth practitioners and entrepreneurs. You will also get to hear and meet some of the most successful business leaders in Ireland, who will share their own stories of how they achieved Accelerated Growth, by working with different members of the programme team and by implementing various aspects of the programme content, in their own businesses.


There are assignments to be completed between each workshop which ensures that the material is implemented into your business immediately, and all aspects for growing your business are completed by the end of the twelve months. These assignments will help you to create and implement your own Accelerated Growth Plan for your business, as a key part of the programme.

Each workshop will finish with an assignment which is to be completed before attending the next workshop. These are not onerous assignments and are designed to make you think strategically about your business and articulate your plan, in simple and compelling ways, using a PowerPoint template to summarise the findings. By covering all the relevant material during the workshops, and implementing the learning and assignments between the workshops, the aim is to have all the resources in place within your business, so that by the end of the twelve months you are implementing and experiencing your Accelerated Growth Plan.

The course material will include three books, each written by one of the programme facilitators, which include:

  1. “Accelerating Company Growth” (A Practical Guide for CEOs), the core workbook, written by Brendan Dowling, (Published by Oaktree Press, October 2013)

Executive Coaching / Mentoring:

Each participant on the programme will benefit from face-to-face, one-to-one Executive Coaching, to help them embed the learning, develop as leaders, and to create and implement the Accelerated Growth Plan. A total of 6 coaching sessions per participant will be delivered by a qualified Executive Coach, who will also act as a Mentor, giving practical advice and guidance, based on their extensive business experience. These coaching sessions will be arranged at times and locations that best suit both parties.

Return on Investment:

Typically attendees on these programmes get many multiples of their investment back in the first twelve months. This is entirely dependent on how quickly you implement the teachings and advice. The purpose of this programme is to empower you, the business leader, to achieve accelerated growth for your business and to have a robust Accelerated Growth Plan and the correct resources in place to achieve this quickly. This programme will have a transformational effect on both you as a business leader, and your business. All of our facilitators have many years’ experience in assisting business leaders and their companies to transform and accelerate, across different business sectors and many of these case studies will be used as part of the course material giving you practical tips and advice.


There will be a minimum of 10 participants per program, and a maximum of 20, from different companies in different industry sectors, but all facing the same challenges in business today.

This programme can also be run in-house, with the senior management of an individual company, on a consultancy basis, to drive the results in the specific business.


The total investment in this programme is €9,000, and there are two payment options:

  1. Payment in full with application of €9,000 or
  2. Twelve monthly payments of €800 (total cost €9,600)

Partners / colleagues from the same company can attend for 50% of the fees quoted above. For a private programme being run in-house for a specific company, prices can be discussed on request.

This investment covers:

  • 8 full-day highly interactive and intensive workshops
  • 6 one-to-one executive coaching sessions for each participant
  • 3 Business Growth books (signed by the authors)
  • Direct access to each of the consultants during the workshops and one-to-ones
  • Special guest speakers who will share their own experience at the workshops
  • All workbook material and templates
  • A completed Accelerated Growth Plan for your business
  • Lunch and Refreshments for each of the days of the workshops

Locations & Dates:

Location Commencing
Dublin 2015
Cork 2015
Galway 2015


All workshops are for one-day duration starting at 9.00am and finishing at 5.30pm. The workshops will be located in a suitable venue, located close to each of the named cities for the duration of the programme.

The dates for all the workshops will be agreed in advance with the participants.

CPD Points:

This programme contributes towards your CPD requirements and certificates will be issued at the end of the program upon request

Enterprise Ireland Grants:

If you are an Enterprise Ireland client you may be able to avail of the “Strategic Adviser Grant” to fund up to 50% of the cost of this programme.


Program Outline and Content


Day 1

DNA / Six Compasses DNA for high performance & 6 compasses to success
Vision & Goals Creating a compelling vision and setting goals
Strategy Strategic thinking and time management
Confidence Building and maintaining self belief and self confidence
Life Balance Building work life balance
Motivation Mastering, motivation and purpose
Accelerated Growth Plan Introduction to books, growth plan template and workbook

Day 2

Value Proposition Creating a compelling  and differentiating value proposition
Elevator Pitch How to communicate your value proposition to key stakeholders
Target Market Identifying and sizing your target market
Competition Understanding your competition and their weaknesses

Day 3

Sales Strategy Routes to market, strategy and tactics
Sales Resources / Skills Hiring and managing sales people
Sales Process Developing a pipeline that drives results, consultative selling
Converting Sales Opportunities Building trust and closing sales
Selling Online How to sell 24/7, difference from physical, attracting customers etc
Networking Influencing, communicating & negotiating
Customer Retention Managing and improving the client journey

Day 4

Marketing The power of marketing and how it works
Brand Brand values, internal & external communications
Traditional Media TV, radio, press, outdoor
Digital Marketing What does it mean relative to traditional marketing

Day 5

Business Model Retail, SaaS, freemium, subscription etc
How to Make Money Revenues, costs, profitability explained
Pricing Pricing based on value
Innovation How to innovate and stay innovating
Financial Model Structure and benefits
KPIs Tracking and measuring success

Day 6

Leadership Leadership explained
Authentic Leadership Being yourself so others will follow
Team Building Team building exercises for you and your team
High performing Teams What is it and how to create it
Hiring Senior Team The challenges and requirements

Day 7

Finance Options Different sources of funding and how to get it
Funding Growth Seeing finance as a strategic resource for growth
Managing Cashflow How customers, business models, strategies impact cashflow
Importance of a Board for Growth Why do you need one, how can you create one and then how to manage it
Selling your Company Companies are bought not sold, how do you get bought
Ethics What is it and why is it important for growing your business

Day 8

Growth Plan Pitches Day of Pitches and feedback for Accelerated Growth Plans (20min pitch 20 min feedback)
Mastermind Groups


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this programme relevant to me and my business?

If you have been in business for a number of years and have hit a glass ceiling and the business is just not growing fast enough, then this programme will stimulate you and your business to start growing at an accelerated pace.

What are the dates for each of the workshops?

The date for the first workshop is already set and outlined above. As part of the first workshop we will go through all the dates for the remaining workshops, and if any of them need to be moved so as to accommodate people, we will move them.

What if I miss a workshop?

We will have agreed the dates for the workshops well in advance. However if for any reason you are unable to make a particular workshop, we have a system in place for you to be able to review the content covered and ‘get up to speed’ so that you don’t miss anything.

How much work is involved in the assignments?

At the end of each workshop there is a simple assignment to be completed. The purpose of this is to ensure that the material being covered is implemented as soon as possible. And by the time you are finished the entire programme, you will have implemented the growth plan into your business. The programme has been designed in such a way so as to maximise your returns as early as possible and to allow you sufficient time to complete the assignments. Each assignment will not take much time to complete.

Do you guarantee the results?

Yes – If you reach the end of the programme and you are not happy with it, then we will give you a full refund. If you implement what we ask you to implement, during the workshops, into your business, you will get the results – guaranteed.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

We are donating 5% of all revenues generated by this programme to, a registered charity based in Ireland. All authors’ proceeds from the sale of the book “Accelerating Company Growth”, which is part of the coarse material, are also being donated to MyGoodPoints.


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