Coaching & Mentoring

Executive Coaching is becoming part of everyday life for senior executives of top companies and is now accepted as a key development resource to achieve higher performance, but the approach is changing. Traditional coaching helps the Executive find the answers within themselves, but often they also need specific advice on what to do and how to do it, from someone who has done it many times before and is credible to the CEO or Senior Executives as a Mentor. By combining Executive Coaching skills with Mentoring that comes from many years of experience of building and running businesses, it drives break through results and a significantly higher ROI for the Executive and the organisation that we work for.

By working with the senior management team and the CEO to evaluate their vision, understand the market that they are in or should be in, by creating a compelling value proposition for their customers and implementing targeted sales and marketing plans, with the right people in the right roles, they can achieve amazing levels of success that go beyond the teams original expectations. We are results focused and love to take on tough challenges that seem impossible to achieve from the outset. We are happy to share in the risk and the rewards of success when structuring the commercials around a new assignment.

We have worked in many different industry sectors including technology, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, retail, ecommerce, food, professional services, mobile and many more. Our assignments vary from one to one executive coaching to the full development and implementation of an Accelerated Growth Plan across the company combining coaching, mentoring and consulting with all the senior management. Assignments can be as short as an intensive day with the senior management and or CEO to challenge key business assumptions, or it can last for several months working a number of days per month to deliver an Accelerated Growth Plan and often the assignment can continue with its implementation through working in partnership with the CEO and the senior management team.